Our Pupose

Our purpose, at the Children’s Home Bhaktapur, is to help homeless Nepalese children who are unable to help themselves.

There are many thousand street children in Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu, alone. The possibilities to help children in need and get them off the street are limited. We too are limited, because our Children’s Home receives no financial support from the government and must finance itself solely from donations and membership fees.

We are searching for people who want to support our project.

Our children’s home, situated 15 kilometres from Kathmandu, offers children not only a new home but also a safe haven from people traffickers. Some of the children living in our home come from one of the poorest regions in the country, Nuwarkot in Western Nepal. Many of the young girls living there are sold to people traffickers by their relatives or even their immediate family. As an incentive, the children and their families are promised a bright future in one of India’s major cities.

In most cases, their future ends in one of the cities bordellos where the girls are forced into prostitution. The majority of the girls are aged between 11 and 15 years old.

The school our children visit has been carefully selected and enjoys a good reputation. This is a key issue since the Nepalese school system is known to have severe weaknesses. It is divided into ”Government schools“ and ”Private schools“. The first of the two suffer from poorly trained teaching staff, so the children learn only the most rudimentary things if anything at all. Most parents have no choice but to send their children there because private school tuitions are beyond most Nepalese’s  means.

One must not overestimate the term ”Private school” or compare them to the private schools we are familiar with. Many are just as inadequate as the government schools. Here money is saved on the teaching staff as well thus the quality of education suffers. Tuition fees are no sure indicator of educational quality. Poor quality schools often demand high tuition fees.

It is essential to have access to ”insider information“ in order to assess the quality of a school. We luckily have access to this insider information through our home’s manager, Iswor Jofi, and were able to find a school with very good value for money.

What the Children’s Home can offer to needy orphans and street children:

  • Medical and psychological initial treatment
  • Shelter and long term care (food, clothing, supervision)
  • School education in a well-chosen private school
  • Scholastic supervision (Homework support, dance and art classes)

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