The Oranisation
Kinderhaus Bhaktapur e.V. | c/o Arno Schneppenheim | Kamillenweg 31 | 50858 Köln
Spendenkonto: 151 512 951     Bankleitzahl: 370 501 98     Stadtsparkasse Köln

Iswor und Sahan JoshiIswor Joshi (1962) and his wife, Sahan (1968), care for the children and live with them and their two daughters Arya (1999) and Yspha (2002) in the same house. Sahan, aided by two household helpers, takes care of the meals, clothing and anything that concerns the children within the home. Iswor is responsible for the general operation of the home. He shops, does the bookkeeping and takes care of official issues. We were fortunate to find two people, Iswar and Sahan, who thoroughly identify themselves with our project and who have earned our complete trust.

Our board members are:

  • Arno Schneppenheim | Köln
  • Pia Günther | Köln
  • Thomas Welsch | Rösrath

Additional board members:

  • Claudia Gliedt | Köln
  • Christian Klein | Köln
  • Katja Plüm | Köln
  • Ralf Schlichthaber | Köln

Druckerei Kopp / Fandango / sweetwater communication / buntebrause agentur / a.m.m.